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Indica and Sativa How You Can Tell the Difference

Weed is slowly becoming more accepted in many social circles. A while ago everyone who used weed was seen as a drug abuser. However, things are a bit less strict today. Even though weed is still illegal in many places, countless countries have legalized it. In fact, today it is possible to walk into a marijuana dispensary and get some medical marijuana.

Many people are not educated about weed. In fact, most people only have the information they get from the movies they have watched. Yet, others get their perspective of weed from the different stories they hear from people. It is true to state that most of these perceptions are slightly distorted if not entirely.

In order to understand marijuana you need to know why people use the drug. Again, for you to know why people use weed, you also need to know about the effects it has on the mind and the body. Weed consists of two different elements. The elements are THC and Cannabidiol. Both of these chemical elements have their effects on the body. Majorly the effects tend to be positive.

Most people believe the lie that weed is unsafe. The two aforementioned elements actually have numerous health advantages when used. Some of the advantages include enhanced creativity, better sleep, fighting cnacer and better cardio health. Nevertheless, you need to know that marijuana is more complicated than just its components.

You can also find different kinds of weed. The popular types are Sativa and Indica. It is true, the regular guy may not know a lot about the types of weed. Quantum 9 Inc. is a nice place you can check out to find out more about weed.

You can have a hard time sometimes differentiating an Indica strain and a Sativa strain. However, it is not that difficult. You can spot so many differences just from their appearance. One can use both the height of the plants and the shape of the leaves to tell the plants apart.

Sativa tends to be taller, with loose branches and the leaves are long and narrow. On the other hand, the Indica is just the opposite of what sativa looks like. The plants are relatively shorter, the branches are denser, and the leaves are wider. It is usually an ideal plant for growing indoors. Nonetheless, Sativa can grow up to 20 feet. This is why it is usually grown outdoors.

Another method used to tell the types apart is the effects they have on users. Each type has its own unique effects on the individual using it. The best type to use during the day is Sativa. Its effects are more energetic and elevating. As a matter of fact, the use of Sativa is usually linked to hallucinations. To the contrary, indica is best used at night because of its calming and relaxing effects.

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